Wind at My Back

Wind at my Back chronicles the struggles of the Bailey family which is torn apart by economic hard times, while trying to survive The Great Depression of the 1930’s. Despite tremendous loss and tragedy, Honey Bailey and her children find comfort in their love for one another and discover how strength of character and family ties allow them to conquer all odds.
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Beautiful Brookdale Pond

The Bailey Cottage looks like it's the middle of the wilderness but it's really quite close to Toronto at a beautiful place called Brookdale Pond.
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Ron Fawcett: For the Love of Cars

Many people love Wind at my Back because of the classic cars on the show and they were all provided by avid car collector, Ron Fawcett.
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Tennis Anyone?

The first season of Wind at my Back had some challenging locations to find and one of the most difficult was the tennis court in “Moonshine Struck”.
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Filming on the Roof

Shooting on the Wind at my Back backlot had many advantages but it required shooting from every possible angle to keep things interesting… including the studio roof.
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